Siemens Building Technologies

Add-on software features

The optional software modules for SiPass integrated make it possible to tailor the system to meet almost any security requirement.

  • Mifare and Mifare DESfire card encoding
  • Advanced elevator management
  • Apogee interface
  • Management station API
  • OPC alarm & event interoperability

The following features are the ones that customers tend to find the most interesting:

Support for Salto offline components

This option makes it possible to add Salto offline components (doors) to a SiPass integrated system. Access control rights can be assigned to both online and offline components simultaneously in the SiPass integrated software.

Photo ID and image verification

The photo ID and image verification option enhances the cardholder record keeping function by making it easy to capture photographs and signatures.

Message forwarding

The message forwarding option enables the system to automatically send customized text messages to the pagers, mobile telephones or e-mail addresses of key personnel whenever security is breached or other important events occur.

Apogee interface

The Apogee interface enables integration between the Apogee Insight building man agement system and SiPass integrated.

Visitor management

The visitor management option enables the use of the same graphical user interface that is used for permanent cardholders to also be used to register visitors. It is possible to capture visitors’ facial images, paste in existing image files, record personal details, print access cards and locate a visitor easily.


The graphics option makes it possible to design, import and construct customized graphical maps that are used by security operators to visually handle alarm conditions and continually monitor the status of all points within the system.

Mifare card encoding (including DESfire)

Mifare card technology makes it possible to use a single card for a variety of purposes, including unlocking doors and paying for goods and services. Complete Mifare card encoding and profile configuration is a unique feature of SiPass integrated. The system can also supports the encoding of both 1K and 4K Mifare cards, as well as Mifare DESfire cards.

Third-party DVR interface

Using this software interface, it is possible to begin recording from any camera with a single click of the mouse button using recording-based shortcuts that can be easily created and placed on graphical maps. All recording events and their statuses appear in real time in the audit trail, and can be played back instantly by simply clicking on the recording event.