Siemens Building Technologies

SiPass integrated applications

The flexibility, robustness, and superior expandability of SiPass integrated ensure that it can be implemented in nearly any environment – large office buildings, government agencies, commercial premises, pharmaceutical corporations, and financial institutions are all good examples.

The advanced functionality of SiPass integrated can help different types of organizations overcome real-life challenges in a variety of different ways, such as:

Universities and other campuses

SiPass integrated is ideal for campuses as it can easily manage access to multiple buildings with differing security requirements, as well as storing and processing large amounts of cardholder data. During particularly busy times like enrolment periods, it has no difficulty assigning access rights, issuing card numbers, and printing large numbers of cards while simultaneously communicating with the university’s student database systems.


Since SiPass integrated is built to manage very large amounts of access control traffic, it is the perfect choice for airports. It provides a complete access control and security solution with integration to video surveillance systems and other airport infrastructure. The simple-to-use interface ensures that airport security staff can easily and effectively monitor their security systems at all times.

Multi-segment complexes

SiPass integrated includes tenancy functionality that enables a number of companies to use the same access control system completely independently of one another. This is particularly useful in environments with residential units, commercial offices and retail outlets all under a single roof. All levels of the system are capable of handling client groups. Existing installations can be integrated without difficulty, and the use of different card technologies is not a problem.


Striking the right balance between security and accessibility is of critical importance in hospital environments. The large traffic flow typically associated with a hospital and the combination of lowsecurity and high-security areas make a flexible and user-friendly system like SiPass integrated the obvious access control choice.

Manufacturing operations

Safety is of paramount importance within a manufacturing or industrial facility. SiPass integrated helps address occupational health and safety issues by controlling access, providing anti-passback features, and carrying out head counts so that it is fast and easy to produce a mustering report and track cardholders during emergency situations.

Multinational corporations

SiPass integrated is particularly well-suited to the needs of large companies with facilities at multiple sites. It is possible to manage and administer distributed sites simultaneously by building a network of SiPass integrated sites and connecting them to a SiPass enterprise server. This makes it possible to manage employee access to all connected facilities, handle alarms, send manual commands and view activity logs from any connected site. The SiPass enterprise architecture ensures that each site can autonomously manage its day-to-day security needs while at the same time providing a global focal point for programming access control, cardholder data distribution and after-hours supervision.