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Discover SiPass integrated for Granta users - the modern art of access control

Granta users now benefit from a ready upgrade path to SiPass integrated, the most versatile, scalable access control system available today, successfully deployed worldwide in banks, data centers, government buildings, hospitals, small commercial/ retail/ supermarkets, offices, schools and apartments.

Over one million doors worldwide are currently controlled by Granta access control systems, offering comprehensive protection for Siemens customers with one of the most successful, robust solutions on the security market.

However, Granta is now coming to the end of its lifecycle and there will be no further software enhancements. Installers can benefit from an opportunity to migrate Granta users to a system that can provide even more functionality and protection. A fully integrated future-proof solution that satisfies todays security challenges through modern, yet proven technology and demonstrates clear user benefits.

SiPass integrated offers a ready migration path from Granta, a natural choice for installers and end users alike, with a modern user interface, offering cost-effective integration with Siemens Intrusion and CCTV solutions, as well as third party system integration into other CCTV solutions, Offline handlesets and business systems, such as HR, T&A and email.

SiPass integrated migration benefits for installers, integrators and distributors:

  • New revenue, warranty and maintenance contracts opportunities by migrating Granta system to SiPass integrated.
  • SiPass integrated is only sold through trained installers, protecting your site and maintenance contracts from untrained compeition.
  • Wider system potential with cost effective integration with intruder detection, CCTV and other business systems.
  • Free SiPass training for Granta contract holders
  • Free site commissioning for new users
  • Minimal hardware redundancy
  • High end future proofed software functionality
  • Siemens support, quality, robustness and on-going R & D

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Discover the benefits of migrating your customers from Granta to SiPass integrated, visit our website, or contact your local Security Products from Siemens representative.