Siemens Building Technologies

Hardware and architecture

SiPass integrated is fully customized to meet the needs of the organization at which it is installed. It can be set up to monitor entries only, or both entries and exits (anti-passback), and/or it can be used to control the operation of elevators. Areas of a building that have a higher security requirement than others can be secured with video surveillance technology.

A SiPass integrated system is built using a variety of different hardware components: advanced central controllers (known as ACCs and ACC-Lites), door modules, signal modules, readers and cards. Automatic backup and restoration of the system database ensures system integrity. Secure data transmission throughout the entire transmission path – from the ID card to the server - provides a consistently high level of security.

The following features are the ones that customers tend to find the most interesting:


The AC5102 advanced central controller (ACC) and the AC5200 (ACC-Lite) play a crucial role in the SiPass integrated system, as they are the interface between the SiPass integrated software and the field-level devices (reader interface modules, input-point modules, and output point modules).

The AC5200 provides nearly all the functions of the AC5102 and both types of controller can be mixed on the same site. Communication between all the controllers in the system takes place peer-to-peer, independent of the SiPass server, so if the connection to the server is interrupted, system operation is unaffected.

The AC5102 is generally used in larger installations while the AC5200 is ideal for smaller ones. Based on the SR35i hardware of the SiPass Entro system, the AC5200 can control up to 8 doors and is a very cost-efficient alternative for branch locations or remote sites.

Readers and cards

Any Wiegand standard reader can be connected to SiPass integrated, thanks to our custom Wiegand interface. Readers in a SiPass integrated system can be combined freely to create a truly tailor-made system that suits the specific security needs of any organization, including functions such as secure PC login, vehicle identification, and cashless payment, for example.

SiPass integrated includes market-leading identity management functionality via the DESfire card encoding feature as well as its support for Bioscrypt fingerprint readers. The DESfire encoding feature makes it possible to set the application key of DESfire cards and map cardholder fields in SiPass integrated to applications and files of the DESfire card. Fingerprint templates can be encoded into the DESfire cards as well.