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What's new in SiPass integrated MP 2.65?

The latest SiPass integrated Market Package 2.65, introduces a number of enhancements and quality improvements to the Access Control and Security system. The following are the new features and enhancements that have been introduced with this market package:

ASP – Programmable Logic

SiPass integrated MP2.65 offers programmable logic in a graphical drag/drop format:

  • Ability to create counters
  • Ability to create timers
  • Virtual inputs/outputs
  • Multiple logic levels
  • Powerful command sets
  • Configurable access control logic

Customer Benefits:

  • Ability to tailor your access control system to meet the most intricate requirements of any facility
  • Save time and money through easy to configure drag and drop logic control

Comprehensive audit-trail logging

SiPass integrated MP2.65 provides complete flexibility in integrating the SPC intruder detection system, including the ability to:

  • Arm/disarm from a SiPass arming terminal and readers
  • Monitor SPC points and alarms from SiPass integrated
  • Send commands to SPC from SiPass integrated
  • Monitor SPC components directly via SiPass integrated Graphics and Event Tasks

Customer Benefits:

  • Customers can now control their access and IP-based SPC intruder detection system from one management station: SiPass integrated

DESfire Encoding

SiPass integrated MP2.65 includes support for DESfire encoding:

  • Ability to enroll DESfire cards (also valid for Salto)
  • Ability to add and manage fields encoded to the card
  • Secure card format
  • Definition of multiple DESfire card templates

Customer Benefits:

  • Ability for customers to encode and use a more secure card technology

Biometric Reader Integration

SiPass integrated MP2.65 offers biometric integration with 4G V-Station products from L1 Identity Solutions.

  • Enroll fingerprints directly from the SiPass integrated cardholder screen
  • View fingerprint success/quality before saving the record
  • Support for template on card

Upgrade option for existing Granta sites

Key benefits for customers who upgrade from Granta to SiPass integrated MP2.65:

  • SPC integration
  • High-level elevator integration
  • Same DVR integration possibilities as SiPass if done via API (Server)
  • Same CCTV integration possibilities via SiPass server


In order to upgrade your Granta system you only need to change the backboards of existing Granta controllers to the new MKIII version. A migration tool from Granta to SiPass integrated is not part of MP2.65. A customer that wants to upgrade "day 1" after release will be able to import cardholders from Granta to SiPass integrated.

New Hardware Support

SiPass integrated MP2.65 supports the new AC5102 controller, designed specifically with the future in mind:

  • Greater memory capacity
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch
  • Future support for USB input and output devices (i.e. USB modems)
  • Smaller improved footprint
  • Backwards compatible with MP2.4 and MP2.5

Customer Benefits:

  • Improved memory
  • Improved performance
  • Ability to connect more devices in the future
  • Space saving reducing overall installation costs

New platform controller (AC5102)

Main characteristics

  • New controller with smaller housing footprint
  • RoHS compliance / UL approved housing
  • Updated hardware design and components
  • New firmware to enable backward compatibility with SiPass integrated MP2.4 and MP2.5

Features & functions

  • 12 to 24 volt supply
  • Backward compatibility with existing ACC
  • External memory support
  • Persistent data retention (e.g. power failure)
  • Future USB support (e.g. modems)
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch
  • Future IPv6 support
  • Compliant with RoHS, CE, UL, FCC, C-Tick, EN50130v

Customer benefits

  • Continued availability of ACCs (existing ACC is at the end of its life cycle)
  • Easier installation
  • Improved performance & functionality
  • Fully compatible with SiPass integrated MP2.65

HR application programming interfaces (API)

The HR API enables third-party business applications to communicate with SiPass integrated and exchange common information, which eliminates the need to enter identical data into multiple applications. The interface provides users with more flexibility to assign access rights, manage cardholders, venues, venue bookings and other access control data in SiPass integrated via 3rd party applications, and allows easy automatic syncronisation between these systems to be accessed and modified using a Web browser or human resources system, for example.

Cardholder data management and web interface

Entering cardholder data into the SiPass integrated system is an easy process. If required, you can even assign multiple cards to a single cardholder. The custom page design tool allows for very flexible page layout via drag-and-drop configuration, including parameter settings for individual fields, buttons and different operator groups. It is also possible to import or export your custom pages in XML format between SiPass integrated systems. Additionally, via the web interface, card holders, venues and venue bookings can be managed, offering complete flexible management.

Venue and Venue booking

With a similar user interface to the Microsoft Outlook calendar, the Venue and venue booking platform provides a concise overview of reservations, and minimises operator workload by offering efficient, simultaneous cardholders and booking management without the requirement for 3rd party applications.

Enhanced access assignment

SiPass integrated MP2.65 offers enhanced access assignment, with the possibility to assign multiple temporary, permanent and personal access groups and levels to cardholders directly via the HR API. This also includes Room booking functionality, Cardholder and room booking management via a new Web interface and the ability to see memory consumption of the central controller (ACC). It offers multiple benefits including more flexibility when assigning temporary access groups, as well as the possibility to manage room bookings in a flexible way.

Other Features

SiPass integrated MP2.65 provides other features such as:

  • CCTV command mapping
  • Flexible and programmable interface to external RS232 enabled systems (including Visilynx)
  • DVR API enhancements including IO and sensor points from DVR cameras and auto config upload from DVRs

Customer Benefits:

  • Ability to tailor your access control system to meet the most intricate requirements of any facility